Powering motors

Hey everyone! I plan to use 6 steppermotors to build a robot that solves a rubik’s cube, and I am wondering what to use to power them…

Anyone has a suggestion because I am completely lost…

The datasheet for the stepper motors would be really useful in this decision.
Have you selected motors? If so, point us to the datasheet.

I have, I plan to use Nema 17 motors, 0,4A & 12V

Why 0.4A steppers - they won't be very fast.

Standard 1.5A or so NEMA17's driven by DRV8825 drivers is the way to go for a good top speed.

24V 2A supply might be enough unless you need to move lots of the motors at once at high speed.

Oh, and curious minds want to know... Are you simply looking to automate the solution? Or are you trying for a speed-solve?

I am only trying to automate the solution, but do you think 0,4A is going to be very slow? If slow, what speed will it turn at? And thanks for the advice! ;)