Powering my nano project

Hi guys. I'm working on little project that will be controlled by an Arduino Nano, and will contain a simple 28byj-48 stepper motor and an 16x4 lcd with iic.
The motor will work for very short periods of time, and rarely. How should I power this?
Basically I prefer batteries over power socket.
Also later on I will be adding a micro servo, that will also be working for short periods of time, rarely. Will that affect the recommended powering solution?

A 4xAA battery setup will power the motor and servo for a short time. Unless you turn the coils off, the stepper consumes the same amount of power regardless of whether it moves.

A 5V stepup/stepdown converter could be used to power the Arduino via the Vcc pin. A stepdown converter won't work if the batteries become weak.

Thank you for the quick reply.
So your bottom line is that I should go for a ac/dc converter?

No, something like these stepup/stepdown converters (for the Arduino and sensors only):

Hi again.
Can I use a 5V 1A AC/DC adapter to power the NANO (through the 5V pin) and the 5v stepper motor, in parallel? is that a good idea?
I guess I will go for the wall socket after all.

P.S I will be buying this adapter especially for this cause today so if there's a better readily available option you think of I'd love to know

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