Powering my robot

Would it work if my robot (a robotic arm) requires about 6A and 6V battery (for Maximum torque), and I use a 2.2A, 7.4V Lipo Battery with a UBEC that has a 6A and 5V or 6V output?

any would would be greatly appreciated

Thank You

You need to give us better specs on the battery. A battery isn't rated in amps, but rather amp-hours (Ah) - are you sure you don't have a 2.2 Ah (2200 mAh) battery?

If you do (please confirm - a picture is worth a thousand words!) - then you need to know what the maximum discharge rate for you battery is, otherwise you can end up damaging it - or worse (for lithium chemistry batteries like you are using) - a fire can result if you discharge it at too high a rate.

Now - likely you'll be able to use the battery as-is; though the current draw is high - it isn't insane, and most of these type batteries like you seem to be using (again, only guessing here) can provide for well over a hundred amps of current for short periods - and 10s of amps for longer periods.

If your UBEC is for powering servos on the arm - then you might want to size it bigger (8-10 amps) - but at 6 volts for maximum torque (you didn't mention if it is using servos or something else - but when you mentioned using a UBEC, I thought servos might be likely).

Thank you very much for replying,

Yes, the UBEC is for powering the servos of the arm at 6V for maximum Torque.

I have the exact same servos as a very similar robotic arm project (the crust crawler SG6) and it says that a 4A at 6V is pretty good for constantly powering all but higher Amps-hour is better.

So These were the ones I wanted to get The battery: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__20390__Turnigy_nano_tech_2200mah_2S_40_80C_Lipo_Pack_TRA2820_Traxxas_1_16_models_.html

The UBEC: http://www.hobbyking.com/hobbyking/store/__24579__Turnigy_5V_6V_5A_Heli_UBEC_for_Lipoly_6_16V_.html

Do you think that these (considering its dicharge rate and the mAh) is pretty good for powering the robotic arm?

A 7.4V (2S LiPo) battery will power Vin (which requires 7 to 12V)

A good LiPo battery will hardly notice 6A so the voltage droop due to the servos
probably won’t be an issue. If it is a smaller battery pack for the Arduino would
be a solution.

And yes, learn the difference between capacity (Ah) and current (A) - not the same

Most LiPo batteries will handle discharging at the 6 minute rate (current in amps =
10 x capacity in Ah, also known as the 10C rate (10 times Capacity).

Some LiPo’s handle upto 30C (2 minute discharge rate). A fuse is recommended
which such high current batteries (you can set fire to the wiring as well as the
battery with a hard short circuit and no fuse…)

I'm not sure if I totally understand this, but I'll go research and learn it,

So is this not a good battery? Should I get another one? If so what kind should I get? (not expensive ones tho)

Thank you!!