Powering NeoPixel LED strip and Arduino with the same power source

I am prototyping something that uses an adafruit NeoPixel LED strip. My problem is that it needs to only have one power source, and the LED strip takes way more than the Arduino can supply (requires 5V, 2A). I have thought of maybe using a motor shield, but then I don't know how to regulate exactly 5V, 2A, and I can't feed the strip too much because it will fry it.

Any suggestions?

I am using an Arduino Uno, the LED strip requires 5V, 2A power.


Use any power supply rated at 5v and 2A or more. You do not have to worry about the current rating being too high - the circuit will take the amount of current it needs (which will be very low with all the lights off, and close to 2A with all the lights on).

Feed the power straight to the Arduino (not through the regulator, otherwise the Arduino won't get the full 5v). If it resets the Arduino when the lights turn on, you need more filtering on the power supply.

Amazon and EBay both have oodles of 5v power supplies, in various formfactors.