Powering NodeMCU using Wemos D1 Battery shield

Hey there,

I'm doing a mini project in a box using a NodeMCU-ESP-32S board, and I'm thinking about powering it with a LiPo battery.

Here's the thing though - I also want to be able to charge the battery from outside the box by using a mount extension cable, and I've stumbled into the Wemos D1 battery shield, which at first sight seems perfect for this.

I could directly connect the LiPo battery to the shield, the NodeMCU board to its 5V pin, and use the mount extension cable to extend the shield's charger to the outside of the box.

I also want to connect a power switch to the shield to be able to switch on / off the whole device easily from outside the box.

I couldn't find a single wiring instruction or sample project that uses this same idea, so let me ask:

Is this a feasible idea, or should I think about something else?

Let me know what you think.


Sounds like a plan! Give it a try you will learn some interesting things while doing the project.

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