Powering nRF24L01 , HC-SR04 , Piezo Buzzer and Arduino Nano 3.7v/280mAh/1.04wh

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I am trying to make an Entry Point Alarm System with Arduino Nano Sensing with HC-SR04 interfacing with nRF24L01 and Piezo Buzzer (Disk) and would like to power it by 3.7v 280mAh 1.04wh charging with TP4056 powered by 6V 1W Solar Cell … [The Project is still on Paper]

My question is the Battery I have 3.7v 280mAh 1.04wh will be able to power all these

Supply current in TX mode @ 0dBm output power :- 11.3 mA
Supply current in RX mode @ 2000 kbps :- 12.3 mA
Supply current in Power Down mode :- 900 nA

Quiescent Current :- <2mA
Working Current :- 15mA

Arduino Nano
Power Consumption :- 19 mA

is the TP4056 is sufficient to Charge the 3.7v 280mAh 1.04wh Battery by the 6v/1w Solar Cell

what else do I need to know more about this Project before assembling it

or if I use ESP8266-12e then
its The ESP8266 usually draws a peak current of about 250mA after it wakes up
and then more or less constantly draws around 70mA before it goes back to sleep

what will be the Smallest Battery I can use to Power the Project
Please Help

The battery capacity in mAh required to run a project is determined by the average current draw of the project in mA, multiplied by the number hours that the battery should last.

For safety and to account for aging, buy a battery with double that number of mAh.

The TP4056 charger is not designed to charge a LiPo battery connected to a load.