Powering on/off Commercial coffee machine via home assistant

I have a 2 group commercial coffee machine that operates at 220/240v 50Hz 20Amps.

I would like to be able to power the machine up and down using Home Assistant/Voice Control (say interfaced with Alexa). It takes approx 30 mins to preheat machine before you can expect a quality coffee.

I'd like to use an Arduino to control a relay (of a recommended type) to perform this switching function. The Arduino would need to be able to communicate over wifi with HA to understand the required switching operations.

Any suggestions as to the best approach would be gratefully received

Welcome to the forum.

Can you tell us your electronics, programming, arduino, hardware experience?

Thanks.. Tom.. :slight_smile:

Doesn't anyone already make a 220V smart outlet to do the job?

Have been using home automation components for some time but using different tasks for different jobs with some integrations. I have used a range of Sonoffs for lighting, fans and small appliances. I have used Philips Hue & bridges where I wanted to use different colour spectrum s and brightness (and the repurposed the Sonoffs) I have used Sonoffs using eWeLink and using Philips Hue using it's interface and 3rd party offerings. I have integrated them all using Echo devices (I have 5 of those spread around the house) including a lot of complex routines to run on commands. I have numerous Arduino devices (and RPi3b+s) ready to be forced into action for monitoring, reporting and initiating automations.

I have flashed Sonoffs with Tasmoto but only "tinkered with home assistant".

Thought I'd start with something simple like the coffee machine (it's not a small domestic one , but one you'd find in a commercial cafe) it has a long lead time to get to temperature so would like to turn it on before alarm goes off or to save me some flights of stairs before it's ready to operate during the day.

Been in the ICT industry for 40+ years (originally writing assembler), so coding is not a barrier.

An item like a Sonoff initially seemed to make this simple but then after investigation, I see it's not rated for 20 amperes. Then with more reading/research there seemed to a range of relay options that each had advantages/disadvatages. Given the specs to be covered are 220-240v at 20A (in Australia), I just wanted to make sure that the end solution would be safe, durable and provided the least amount of interference with other later developments. Hence the question to this experienced group.

(The one doubt I did have was thus the right forum classification for the question - if it's not, can one of the admins please related it?)

Doesn’t anyone already make a 220V smart outlet to do the job?

They do, such as the Sonoff devices, but they are not rated to the 20amps required for this commercial coffee machine. If there is an alternative, I would be grateful for the lead (one that could integrate with MQTT preferably via wifi (given machines location) and then integrated into Home Automation (with voice control using Alexa)

I have done neither, but google tells me that getting Alexa and Arduino talking to MQTT is plausible, especially since you have coding experience, so your remaining need is to get hardware advice.

You might try using the report to moderator option and ask them to move this to the "Project Guidance" forum - this one is indeed the correct one in my opinion, but the other seems to get more traffic. There are plenty of folks here who can give you triac/relay/whatever suggestions.

This one seems to have slipped through the cracks a bit, which may be because folks are reluctant to opine on high voltage/ high current questions as it's dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. And since you have to ask....