Powering Project from power Supply over USB

Hello there, I am about to start a new project, with a lot of LEDs.
I would like to use an Esp8266 as the controller, as it conveniently has wifi built in. Now, to supply the project, I got a 5v 20w supply, which should be plenty. However, the Esp only supports 5v power in over USB, and what I am wondering now is, how I can wire up the usb port, so I can power the project of the power supply, and connect a computer to the USB port. Could I just wire the data pins of the USB port to a USB plug, and connect the power pins to the supply?

thanks for your help


How are you powering 5V components now?

I don't get it.
If it takes 5V from USB, the other stuff could use the same 5V supply.

Maybe consider being specific as to what all you've got here.

Which ESP board?

I think the question is unnecessary anyway, but anyway:
I want to control a LED chain equipped with WS2811 ICs, so the power from the usb would simply not be enough. It will be about 20w. Now I got myself a 20w 5v PSU, so I can power the project via this. However, I thought I would have to provide the power through the USB port on the board.
My question would have been how to do this. But I found out, I can simply connect the power to the vin pin, and the board will be able to accept it. The LED chain will recieve power directly from the supply.

The model of board I am using is an esp8622.

Thanks for your answers!!

The model of board I am using is an esp8622.

I very much doubt that! Read what you wrote! :astonished:

You probably mean a WeMOS D1 Mini.

OK, so you provide 5 V and ground to the LED strip and ground, also in parallel to the ESP board on the 5 V "Vin". Keep all wiring from one part to the other bundled together.

You are going to have problems with the logic levels to the addressable LEDs. You want a 74HCT14 - two of the six gates cascaded (and the other four with their inputs grounded unless you have other uses for them) to deliver proper 5 V logic levels to the LED strip.