powering sensors

hey. can somebody help me with the power thingy

i hav 3 sensor modules (fire,vibration,gas)

i want to power them externally. what is the best way?

P.S : recently i build a 5v regulator circuit using 7805
when i use 9v battery in input ..
the sensors reading are varying/chaotic/noisy :confused:

please help :))

7805 needs correct decoupling capacitors mounted close-by to work properly - did you
use them?

By 9V battery do you mean those small PP3-size ones? They cannot produce much current,
gas sensors normally have a heater element that takes quite large currents, you need
to ensure the supply can power the load...

Sir , can you tell me what is the best way to power them externally.?

following are the sensors i need to power them ..


all requires 5v !

i made this voltage regulator before