Powering Servo Motor

I was wondering if it is safe to use a 12v 5a dc power supply to power 2 9g servos in series?

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If your servos run at 6v, they need a 6v power supply.

Do not place two 6v servos in series connected to a 12v power supply.

Can you explain why?

Let’s say you have inherited two 110VAC wide screen TVs.

Let’s say you live where the wall voltage is 220VAC.

You can not connect the two TVs in series and then plug these into 220VAC. :woozy_face:

Think about it. Even if the servos can regulate the voltage correctly the 'top' one will have 12V on it's + connector and 6V on the - connector relative to the Arduino GND. Since the signal you want to drive it with is only 5V what do you think will happen?


Thanks for the help! I won't use the 12v power supply.

Oh, Thanks for clearing my confusion.

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