Powering several 12V stepper motors with one source.

hey everybody,

i have a question regarding powering 12 12v stepper motors at the same time with only one power source.
as you can see in the picture i attached, i am using sparkfun's easydriver stepper driver to make my steppers work. the steppers are supposed to be of the model "mercury motor sm-42byg011-25".

building the attached setup i would use 12 external power sources, but i wonder if it is possible to power the entire thing with only one source. and if yes, how do i find out / calculate what kind of power source i need?

thanks in advance, i apreciate your help.


Well if you look up details of that motor you'll find datasheet saying its windings are 34 ohm, so each takes 0.35A.

If you use full-wave drive then each motor will have both windings on at once in some phases, so thats 0.7A per motor, otherwise 0.35A per motor.

So you need either 12 * 0.7 (= 8.4A) or 12 * 0.35 (= 4.2A) 12V supply. In practice allow a bit of spare capacity so either a 10A or 5A supply depending on whether full-wave or not.