Powering SIM800L with 3 AA batteries

I've been developing a project with a SIM800l module (de red one, version 1) and I tested powering it with 3 AA batteries and I never got the over-voltaje warning or any kind of trouble. During the development I used 2 of this modules. Now that I've finished I bought more of them, and even thought it's the same module it kind of looks different from the outside (barely) and is a different series number but it's still the same version of the module (v1) but this time around I've been trying a couple of them and they all get the over-voltage warning powered by 3 AA batteries and work worse when it comes to sending requests. So my doubts are, are there different versions of this module "hidden" in version 1, where some will work for me and others no? Is there any workaround I can do on the module so as to be able to use it (on the ones I get over-voltage)? If there is no other way, what is the best workaround to still be able to use it with 3 AA batteries (a easy/fast way and a propper one).

Thanks in advance.

A link to the module you are using would be helpful.

What is the power supply requirement for the module you are using ?