Powering steppers and servos at the same time.

Hello. I am making a robot arm for a robotics competition. I'm going to use 2 arms. The competition setup isgping to be the same each time, so one of he arms is going to be autonomous. The other will be user controlled. Thus, we are using 6 steppers and 10 servos (2 of the servos are for a separate thingy we're using to make one part of the competition easier). My question is if the steppers need 5v, and the servos need 4.8-7.2v (we'd like to do around 6 for torque), and the voltage limit on the battery is 14v, how the heck can we power this thing???
I'm pretty new to this, but don't worry, I did research before posting this, so I'm at least trying not to waste all of your time. I was thinking of using a motor shield, but because there are 10 non-power pins for the servos and 24 non-power pins for the steppers, I don't know if that would be a good idea. Thank you so much for any help!

What stepper motors are you planning to use? And what stepper motor drivers?

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

Sounds like you need 6V at 10A or more for the servos and run the stepper drivers from the 12V directly
(you'll almost certainly be using chopper drivers for the steppers - steppers are rated by current, not
voltage, note, the power supply voltage is flexible).

Getting 6V at high current from a 12V battery is an issue, you may need to use several separate
buck converters, grouping the servos in twos of threes. I'd suggest the cheap and cheerful
2A LM2596 converters on eBay.

Distributing the power at 12V to the point of use also means the wiring can be a lot thinner (about 4 times
less copper).