Powering the arduino pro mini

I'm thinking of powering the pro mini w/ bluesmirf with batteries. I realize that the pro mini can only take 3.3 v regulated, so can I instead use 4 AAA batteries(6volts) and power it on the RAW pin? I'm trying to find the smallest type of battery to use to power this, any recommendations? Is it possible to use button cells instead?

yes you can, a single 9v will work as well

since the arduino pro mini was out of stock, I bought the wee instead. There shouldn't be any difference except for the software reset that the wee doesn't have right? Also, I noticed that on the Wee there were 2 sets of RX and TX. Does it matter which one I use? There are also 2 different GND, does it matter which one is used?

Hi, I use an Arduino Wee and have powered it from 9V on the RAW pin with no problems.

I used the GND on the same side, but I should think all the GNDs are connected so it shouldn't make a difference except perhaps for high frequency noise considerations which I believe are moot with a battery (as opposed to a walmart PS).

You are correct that it does not have auto-reset.

I use the FTDI cable from Sparkfun to talk to it, and so it was easiest to use the TX/RX/3.3/GND pins grouped together on the short side, since that configuration fits the cable's connector natively.

Have fun with your Wee!

Thanks for the reply! I've posted this picture in another topic, but here is my setup: If it doesn't matter what ground is used, then I guess this setup should work to power the wee. But I am not using the FTDI cable, instead I'm using a bluesmirf, which uses the same pin as the FTDI cable, so hopefully everything should work out. Can you confirm this for me? I really don't want to try out incorrect schematics and destroy the wee.

Thanks for the help!

I dunno about the bluesmirf, but I can confirm that powering the Wee from that corner works just fine in central New Jersey. ;-)

sorry, I didn't link the image i posted. Now its linked, and you can see it at the high res. But anyways, thats cool, I'll try it out.