Powering through 5v pin doesnt work

I have a circuit with 28BYJ-48 stepper motor wired like this. It works perfectly when powered through USB.

If I supply 5V to 5V pin (pin 27 on my arduino nano) I can hear motor noises but it just wont spin. Initially I thought my power source isn't supplying enough amps so I fed it 5V directly from the same pc USB port. Same problem.

What could be the issue?

Hello Kubas,

Thank you for sharing your issue with the Arduino community.

Please power your board through VIN pin.

5V pin is only for output designed to power up breadboard, other devices, sensors and actuators.

We recommend a voltage input range of 7V to 10V applied to VIN NANOs pin.

Also, we must be extra careful when connecting motors or other actuators that demand more current than the board can supply. For instance, a motor carrier shield is required to power more than 1 motor in our circuits.

I hope this helps.

USB ports have a very specific output current (USB 2.0 is 500mA)

Motors can often draw more than a USB port would allow and are often better with thier very own PSU and a common ground back to the Arduino.

Some more general tips below.

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  • Check you have a COMMON GROUND where required.

  • Where possible use USB 2.0 ports or a USB 2.0 POWERED HUB to rule out USB 3.0 issues.

  • Try other computers where possible.

  • Try other USB leads where possible.

  • You may not have the correct driver installed. CH340/341 or CP2102

  • There may be a problem with the board check your wiring first.

  • Remove any items connected to pins 0 and 1.

  • Ensure you turn off any additional security / antivirus just to test.

  • There may be a problem with the PC try RESTARTING it.

  • You may be selecting the wrong COM port.

  • Avoid cloud/network based installations where possible OR ensure your Network/Cloud software is RUNNING.

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  • Close the IDE before using any other serial programs.

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