Powering/ Tracking advice

Hi all,

I've posted a couple of questions prior to this about GPS / RF communication between arduinos, and I've stumbled across this project which seems quite good:


I'm attempting to set this up, but I have a couple of questions.

The first being that the GPS module on the tutorial has been discontinued - I have a Ublox Neo 6m, will this work in it's place?

Second, obviously the emitting arduino will need to be powered by a battery - this is something I haven't had to consider yet. Is it as simple as plugging in a battery or are there other things i need to consider?

As you can probably tell I'm new to the arduino community, and any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance :)

It could be that simple. It depends on what you want to do. In planning a battery-operated project there's a few things you can look at:

  1. How long do you want it to run? (hours)
  2. How much power does the thing use on average? (milliamps)
  3. Multiply #1 and #2 to get a battery capacity in mAh.
  4. Find a battery that big.
  5. Decide that battery is too heavy - you can either reduce power consumption or run time.
  6. Is the battery supposed to be rechargeable? How will it be charged?

Ideally the battery would be able to be recharged, I was thinking about a li po battery? (But honestly I have no idea)...

How would I be able to find out how much power it uses?

Honestly at this point the size doesn't matter, I just want to have something that is actually functioning!

How would this be wired into the arduino? Obviously normally it is just plugged in to the usb of a computer, but taking it wireless im assuming this is done in a different way?

There is a DC barrel socket on the Arduino (well the standard form Arduinos anyway), just plug your battery into that.

You will need about 7V or more, 12V is OK so use a 12v battery for now.

When you have something working you can measure currents with a meter then make more decisions about what to do.

But if this is to be a small and long-running gadget you will have to seriously look at the design.

As for recharging, from what? Solar is the only real option I think because if you have any other source you have power and don't need to recharge :)