Powering up servo motors

hello guys,

How do you power up 13 servo motors?
I really am troubling providing enough power to these servo motors.

Please any advise....

You need to post the datasheet for your specific servos. They come in all sizes.

Also, how much load is on them and how many need to move at the same time?


Even small servos demand around 1A peak current, so its going to be lots of amps. A LiFePO4 2S pack will provide 6.6V with lots of current, and is a common way to power servos in RC models.

You'll need to have an external power supply for that, the arduino itself cannot handle that many servo
follow these diagram:
connect all the positive wire of the servo to your power source
also connect the negative wire to the GND pin of the arduino and also to the power source
lastly connect each signal pin to the PWM pin in Arduino

Note: please give specification on what servo are you using so we can tell how much voltage/amp you'll need

the arduino itself cannot handle that many servo