Powering using LiPo; am I right ?


I'm not really familiar with LiPo battery, but for my next project, I need to use a small battery with enough power. I've made a small schematic of my idea.

Seems to be really simple, but in fact, I don't know if I can use my battery directly plugged to a 3v3 regulator to power the arduino (ESP8266) in one hand, and power a high power led (flashing) on the other hand (using a step up from 3v3 to 9v).

Do I need to use a LiPo driver ? I don't want to use one, because I don't have enough space to put it inside my project, I want to save money, and they are often limited to 1A and I need a little bit more than 1A.


Thank you in advance for your answer :-) It would be great if you could help me :-)

Your regulator pinout is not correct for a 78xx device (as marked). You lack capacitors for the regulator. You might want a power switch.

Hi MarkT,

Thank you for your answer. Yes, I will add some capacitors for the regulator (I didn't draw them, lazy). And of course, there will be a power switch too.

So, if there is no problem to plug the battery directly to a circuit, without any "protection" or driver for the battery, my circuit will look like this, with a small basic LiPo charger plugged to the battery. I hope I didn't plugged it in a wrong way...


Thanks again :-)