Powering Vexta PK266-E2.0A stepper motor with Seeed motor shield

Hello, im looking to power a Vexta stepper motor (Item # PK266-E2.0A, Stepper Motor On Oriental Motor USA) With a Seeed motor shield, The Vexta takes 2Amps and 3.6 bipolar Volts, im wondering, if with the sheild ill be able to put the 5 volts through resitors and such, down to the 3.6v, and it if would work with the Seeed shield. Any help on the subject matter would be greatly appreciated

That motor driver is based on old technology and is not designed for that type of motor. You need a chopper-style motor driver but there currently aren't any on the hobby market that can supply 2 amperes/channel. This one will work at lower torque, if you set the current limit to 1.5 amperes/winding.

One possibility is to use the Seeed studio driver with a 15V, 2 ampere power supply and a current-limiting resistor in series with each winding, say 10 ohms, 20 watts. That will give you about 1 ampere/winding and half the rated torque, plus a fair bit of waste heat.

Thanks a lot for the response! Would you recommend replacing the seeed motor with a different driver that could work at a normal torque? also would you recommend purchasing a different stepper motor? The project im using it for is to pull 2 springs back about .25M each with a spring constant around 150-250, havent measured exactly.

You have to work out the mechanical details before you can decide on a motor and motor driver. Motors have three different aspects that need to be considered along with your other mechanical requirements: torque, power and rotational speed.