Powering VU meter

i have a vu meter but each led ring needs 2 amps but the nano can only provide 2A max, how can i get 4 amps or provide more amps from a 2 amp device?

A power supply the Arduino is NOT! Use an external power supply and be sure to connect the grounds.

ok so if i use a external pwr supply and need to provide 1,2A (nano) and 2A (each ring), how big of a power supply do i need?

A Nano takes 120mA NOT 2A - and you add all the loads together, Add a MINIMUM 10%, then this is the 'size' of your power supply.

so add the power of the nano and the led rings + 10% and i got my power supply, do pots need pwr?

What is pwr? You managed to type vowels for the rest of your sentence. Just remember, not everyone here has English ad their first language!

Say 300mA for the Nano and all connected inputs, then add the rest.

Not significant current. Ohm's Law says Current = Voltage / Resistance so 5V across a 1K resistance is 5mA. A 10K pot is 1/10th that.

A VU meter is a meter to measure Volume Units. Originally analog and later LED versions began to show up. This thread would go much better if you explain in detail exactly what you are trying to do? Even a hand drawn schematic would go a long way in getting some decent help. What exactly are you wanting to do?


pwr = power

You got it all backwards.
You need a power supply with the right voltage and current to power the LED ring.
You also might be able to power the Arduino with that.
If it's a 5volt supply, then connect it to the 5volt pin of the Nano (assuming classic Nano).

A classic Nano uses about 30mA.
A 10k pot adds 5/10000= 0.5mA to that

i added up all the amps together and got 4.8 so would i need a 5V 5A plug?

You haven't given us much to go on.
So maybe yes if you say your LED rings could use 2A each.

I assume you want parts of your VU in red/green and maybe yellow/orange.
Then you don't have to calculate for full white (~55mA/pixel).

the colors i want to use are red,green and orange

All I'm saying is that if you use one primary colour, then each LED draws about 20mA instead of the ~55mA that the LED would draw at full white.

Curious, What type of VU meter requires 2 Amps? And at what voltage. Unless this is a concert sign size VU meter something doesn't sound right.

the led's are a led ring and they operate at 5V

Which one (weblink), and how many LEDs.

XUNATA Addressable WS2812B SK6812 Round Ring Pixel LED Lamp Light 5050 RGB Arduino 5V (1 Pc 24 LEDs/Ring, White Board): Amazon.ca: Patio, Lawn & Garden

24-LED ring, so 24*0.055A = ~1.35A per ring worst case (all full white), but more likely 0.5A max per LED ring because only primary colours are used.

Wawa you missed a zero in the last per LED current s/b 0.050 ( I know you know but for others reading this post.