powering wemos d1 mini 6v is okay?

I should run motor with 6v...
so I just bought 6v 2.5A adapter.
powering it with that adapter, is it okay to power wemos?
I heard that powering with 6v to arduino uno vin is okay because arduino uno has interna regulator .
but i'm not sure if i can power 6v to wemos d1 mini.


It could be!
Here is the datasheet for the Wemos D1 mini V3. https://wiki.wemos.cc/_media/products:d1:sch_d1_mini_v3.0.0.pdf https://wiki.wemos.cc/_media/products:d1:sch_d1_mini_v3.0.0.pdfIt shows a ME6211 3.3 volt regulator. This tolerates 6.0 volts according to this: https://datasheet.lcsc.com/szlcsc/ME6211C33M5G-N_C82942.pdf .
As has been pointed out, your particular version may have something else, although unlikely to have a lower voltage range. You can also put a big diode or two (say 1N4007) in series with the Wemos to drop the voltage by about 0.7 volts each. Run the motor direct from the power supply.