powering with an ipod battery

Hi all, I've been searching for battery options for a project I've been working on. Ideally I'm looking for a small form factor, lots of capacity, and ability to support ~100-120mA, powering an xbee, arduino pro mini, and a digital compass. Sounds easy enough, eh? OK, so not that easy. My current (no pun intended) solution is to use a couple of rechargeable coin cells, but in my searching I came across replacement batteries for ipods at a local electronics store (e.g. lenmar model# PMPAIPMINI). 3.7V, 720mAh, super flat and relatively small...but can't find any info on max current supported. Same with similar batteries from others like duracell. I sent an inquiry to Lenmar but haven't heard back, so was curious if anyone else had tried to used these batteries in their work? I would imagine the iPod mini could draw about as much current (playing music, leaving screen on, etc.). I'm also a bit worried about charging it. I have a couple of the sparkfun LiPoly chargers (charges both Li-ion and LiPoly batteries) which I am hoping will work. The battery seems ideal for what I need...but just have this silly desire not to burn down my house! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Cheers, David