Powerstrip with individual socket control

Hey guys, I am looking to use my Arduino to setup a controller for an aquarium following this guide here but I am a little confused on how the relay's get wired. http://reefprojects.com/w/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=21

The picture is not very clear and they haven't included any diagrams. Can someone explain a little clearer what is wired to what in the picture?


Those aren't "duplex" jacks, they're all separate.

He has a neutral wire commoned to each jack.

Each jack's Line (Hot) terminal is connected to separate SSR's output. Each SSR input is wired to a Line, like the Neutral they're all linked together.

The input (DC) side of each SSR is leaded out to its own control voltage (and there's a common/return for those as well.)