Powertip PG-160128a 160x128 Dot Display


I salvaged this display from work today out of a broken FastTrak timer system. I was pretty excited to see that the entire thing simply unplugged from the rest of the system and knew right away that I was going to try and get it working on my arduino uno. I was able to find the data sheet for it and it uses the T6963c LCD Controller.

Problem is, I have no idea where to start with this thing. I have the pinouts from the data sheet and there are 20 pins but am still unsure how to get this thing powered up. I do know the arduino will not supply enough power alone.

I wanted to see if anyone has any experience with this display. I would imagine its going to work really well with the arduino as soon as I can figure out how to get it wired up, then theres the issue of writing a sketch. I have never written my own, only modified sketches I have found online.

If anyone has some free time and would like to help me out with some more info or anything I would greatly appreciate it. I did a quick search of the forums but did not see anything on this particular display. I may have posted to soon and info could be there but I simply was unable to find it. Every forum I have ever been to and you don't search before asking questions you get yelled at for it so I apologize ahead of time.

Here is a link to the data sheet if anyone wishes to have a look.


I'm going to go ahead apologize now because after searching some more I came across a tutorial located here, http://blog.tomfleet.com/?p=93 and although its not the same LCD that I have I understand now that the controller is the same along with the pinout so I am going to attempt to build a shield to attach it to my arduino and see what I can do.

I am still open to advice or help on writing a sketch. I would like to get it working with lcd smartie but with my 16x2 lcd I was only ever able to get it to display random numbers instead of the data I wanted. Communication was there and I could see the numbers change as I changed things in lcd smartie but could never figure out why it would only display numbers.