PPM Assistance


I’ve read around on the forums prior to asking this and have not yet found my answer:
I’m currently trying to read one pin from a Frsky receiver, one that would typically send a signal to a servo to be at
-100% http://imgur.com/eR04DQZ
0 http://imgur.com/ENp8gIE
+100% http://i.imgur.com/IEF3Xsu.png
based on a 3 position switch I’m using on my turnigy 9x Remote Control.

I’m using this sample code here: http://pastebin.com/9hdf4Hpt

The settings on my remote are:
Length 22.5mSec

Would someone be able to assist me in identifying what I need to tweak within the arduino code to align with the PPM frequency.
Currently the serial output is fluctuating with incorrect signals. My objective at this stage would be to read the frsky signal. Any help would be appreciated

Take a look at the pulseIn() function or this: