Prayer alarm sound amplifier power controller

Hi Expoerts, Refer Attachment concepts and please help me.

i would like to make a simple aurdino project as a Prayer alarm public address sound amplifier power controller .

There is a Public Address sound amplifier installed and which device need to turn on and off power while prayer Time. Digital Prayer time alarm clock available as attached connection will be the same.

Digital prayer alarm clock output will be connected into aurdino board and relay module board connected into aurdino board. when Prayer time reached digital clock produced a trigger .meanwhile aurdino detect the signal and turn on the relay module

  1. How to get analogue or digital output from digital clock.

  2. Aurdino diagram

  3. Aurdino Code

4.Bluetooth operation while if Relay required to operate manually


  1. How to get analogue or digital output from digital clock.

You should start by figuring that out, and us not having ANY information about this clock other than an image (where it’s not even sure that this is an image of the clock in question) don’t expect any useful suggestions.

When you manage to get the signal out of your clock maybe you can just as well connect it to the relay directly…