PRBS delay

hi guys, need help please…
this is my first posting… sorry for my bad english.

i have written some codes to build a 8 bits PRBS (pseudo random binary sequence) function
here they are:

%program start here
unsigned char i;
int cnt;
int done;
int j,k;
int temp;
unsigned char data[8]={1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1}, prbs[8];

void prbs_f()
temp=data[1]^data[2]^data[3]^data[7]; //output bit 2,3,4,8 xor
for (j=7;j>=1;j–) //shift bit
prbs[0]=temp; //fill data register with next prbs
for (k=0;k<=7;k++){
if (data[0]==1)
pwm=10; //prbs high
pwm=100;//prbs low
%end of function

my problem are:

  1. how to set the interval, each of bit is 5 minutes without using delay?
    2 how to display the value of pwm in the end of every 8 bits in Serial monitor?

thank you so much for helping.

Please use code tags to enclose your code. Highlight your code, then click on the # icon above the editor.

Have a look in the Arduino IDE under Examples\Digital\Blink without Delay, for timing techniques.

Whenever you finish with 8 bits, and have PWM set to whatever you want, use Serial.print() to send it to the Serial Monitor.

Sorry.. my mistake..