Pre-Determined controls to drive an RC car

Hey, Im new here, and am a well respected member on Ben Heck. I know my way around hardware, but not software

I want to know If I can get help with a project. I want an Arduino to control my Rc car. Just things where it goes straight for 4 seconds, turns the wheels right for 2 seconds, etc. Basically I program it to drive the car for a set time. I can let the car crash and stuff, I just want help to get this started. Any helpers?

Is the arduino riding on the car, or are you going to drive it via radio?

so you just need help with the software side of it?

the arduino will be in the car. And I will sit down and watch it drive, no rc controls at all.

And yes I need help with the software side of it. I have an Arduino Mega

I'm in the IRC chan if you want to live help.

Start by unplugging the steering servo and plugging it up to the arduino. After that go to the arduino IDE and open up the Library-Servo sketch.

Upload that to the arduino and lets get the steering rotating abck and forth. This will let you visually see how your servos are going to react to the code and allow you to make changes as needed.

Reply back when that is working or hit me up on IRC. I'm ^Cyborg^ in IRC btw.