Pre-made matrix supplier?

Hey guys, I love using matrices of LEDs for effects and finding creative ways to control large numbers of LEDs, but the amount of time it takes to do all of that soldering is really impressive. I've seen the tiny little 8*8 and even 16*16 matrices but they are much smaller than what I want for cool effects and displays. Does anyone know of a much larger matrix that you can buy online?

I'm thinking like at least a 8*8 matrix that is about a square foot. That way I could put a few of them next to each other and put some frosted plexi in front and make a large nice looking project. Also some thing like a 6 * 16 or similar would be good. I want it to be big enough that if it was scrolling text or doing audio effects you could see it from across a large room. My dream project has always been to use a mega or even a duemilanove to control a 32*32 RGB matrix (preferably with PWM) the size of my wall (aprox 120 square feet) but I don't see funds permitting that in the near future...

I'm thinking like at least a 8*8 matrix that is about a square foot.

That is way bigger than most component suppliers have. It is more of a fabrication product and I think you will find it is much cheaper to make them yourself.

Pre-made and funds not permitting unfortunately conflict when talking large matrices.

I've assembled/tested 7segment displays untill a year ago, the ones you see at petrol stations. Labour costs (western europe) alone were ~$45 per digit 1 ft tall. For the same costs, the size of the wall/nr leds may increase by a factor 4-8 if you do it yourself.

At first doing it yourself may seem a gigantic job and it certainly costs some time, but lots of what you do is the same and easy. Soon you'll pick up speed building. Designing the wall and writing a program with all kinds of possibilities probably will take more time.

Ok I thought that might be the case. I suppose the easiest way would be to get a bunch of large square pcbs and use them to mount and wire the LEDs in a matrix arrangement and just put a bunch of those next to each other and maybe use headers to make it easily expandable. I suppose it would be even easier it I spent 150 bucks to get 50 of the pcbs made with so all I would have to do is solder the LEDs to the board and not have to worry about wiring the matrix which takes the longest by far. I could even build a shift register into the pcb design if I wanted to get really fancy. This could actually work out

Using PCBs would be expensive. Have you seen the Peggy2 project:-

Yeah I've seen those before. Its not really what I'm going for though. What I was thinking is having like 50 PCBs manufactured. Each one would only have an 8x8 matrix and be pretty big (at least 1 inch between LEDs). I dont know how much it would cost and considering that it probably wont be happening in the near future I'll just stick to making my own matrices. My purpose is not so much to display text or be high quality but rather be artistic and able to display effects that go with music and that sort of thing