Pre-made sensor with wifi capability?

Hi Everyone,

I'm not sure if I'm using the right keywords to search for what I'm looking for. But basically I want some kind of sensor that is on the cheap end. I wanted was something like PIR arduino with the wifi module to track occupancy pretty much but like encased with a plastic shell and ready to go (from a hardware perspective).

Some samples are:

(if that conference room link has a wifi module it would have been perfect too)

I kind of don't want to go off needing to assembly this stuff by hand.

I can reprogram it to push out specific sql statements for a server but just didn't want the part on where I have to spend half an hour or an hour on each sensor to assemble it. I know there's sensors you can buy but it looks like most of them want you to buy their software for it to work and has a monthly charge and it gives you these graphs and reports which I'm not really interested in.

Any help or direction is appreciated. Maybe I'm searching for the wrong search keywords or maybe there is already a product out there which is based on this kind of concept but dirt cheap so I can easily buy like 50 of them.

Thank you!

Some variety of ESP8266 board, PIR sensor, and a power solution. The only assembly is connecting the 3 parts.

Hiya INTP!

That's literally what I want! :slight_smile: but if I wanted 50 of them, it becomes a little unappealing to have to make them, I was wondering if there are premade sets that I would just need to programatically format instead of assemble. Lol I guess price was I can spend more but I don't want to 'save' against the labour of hand making it all.

Would you have by chance come across a term which it would be easy to find something like that?

Thank you for your first reply!

Look at Itead, they will do the consultancy to build those parts onto one PCB .
Or ... design your own , Arduino is intended for people to make stuff , that's supposed to be the fun of it