Pre newbie

Hi I would like to make a led sign take input from wireless mini keyboard, along with customized graphics. I have no clue as how to start project. Are there chips and software that automatically can ready keyboard, and what would I have to do to send graphics along with sentences. Please send me a direction to follow.

  1. read the How To Use This Forum thread at the top of every subforum
  2. search Project Hub under the COMMUNITY tab at the top of the page. somebody did something similar to anything you can think of. except the Jetsons flying car.
  3. search the rest of the web for similar projects
  4. do your homework first. this board is for makers, not wannabes. show us you are expending effort.

You give us no clue as to the specific display that you want nor the location or type of keyboard.

You might want to look at the 8x8 LED matrix displays and the Pwrola library. Those modules can be "daisy chained" to use multple modules. Add Bluetooth module (like HC05) and you could use an Android phone with Bluetooth terminal as the keyboard.

If that is not what you want, you need to give us clearer requirements.