Preassure sensor

Hello guys, i have to measure tank level and this should be a non-invasive method. I thoguht to use a pressure sensor like this one at the output of the tank For the prototype.

The tank contains Milk, i dont know really if this is the Best practice and i want some recomendations of sensores For the prototype, and sensors wich can be used in contact with food without contaminating them

A 1.2 MPa sensor...

That's 120meters of milk :o

That's 120meters of milk :o

:grinning: :grinning:
What is the maximum depth of milk in your tank? 1 meter of water (or milk) depth = 9.807 kpa of pressure at the bottom.

A DS1609 ultrasound sensor mounted on the bottom of the tank may work as well. No contact with the contents, it can measure through a metal container.

I get RAM chips when I Google that part number.

DS1603 that should be, sorry.

The DS1603L has the TTL output, and is generally the most useful.