Predicting sensor reading

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I have a sensor which is accurate up to about a temperature of 100c. Is there a way of predicting higher values based on picked up values.

Example; A function reading 10 temperature readings over 10 ms (one reading per a milli second). Then the function can be asked to predict temperature reading after let's say another 8 ms.

It's tricky because, temperature change isn't linear. Assume sensor sensitive 0.01v per a 1 degree centigrade.

Any suggestions please, has this topic already been resolved? Thanks.

Is there a way of predicting higher values based on picked up values.

In general, no.

The best approach to measuring temperature is to choose a sensor with an acceptable response over a range wider than you expect to encounter.

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What is the sensor? What is the application of your project? Can you post link to spec/data please.

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If you have a reasonable mathematical behavioural model of the system in question you can calculate an estimate like this, but this requires determinism and repeatability, and that you know how the system behaves.

Hi, Having a sensor that is ACCURATE up to ABOUT 100C does not mean it cannot measure higher than 100C.

How much higher do you wish to read?

If the sensor will read as high as you need, then just get it calibrated to your maximum. Even calibrate it yourself with an accurate thermometer.

Can you please post link to specs/data for your temperature sensor?

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