Preference  /  Save Location

I might be in over my head with this project if I cannot even get this right… I’m simply trying to allow a library to be added to the Arduino, and all i’m getting is the

BST.cpp:32:19: error: SdFat.h: No such file or directory
BST.cpp:33:23: error: SdFatUtil.h: No such file or directory

Errors for the SD card. Thought I included them correctly using this code:

#include <SdFat.h>
#include <SdFatUtil.h>

Is there anywhere in specific the preference has to be for Arduino or is something else the matter that i’m missing?

There are specific places where the Arduino IDE looks for include files. It sounds like you did not install the library in either of the two locations it looks in. Or, that you didn't re-start the IDE after installing the library. Where did you put the library? What OS are you using?