Preferences file

I use a portable hard drive so that I can work on my home computer, or at school. The problem is, I can't save files at school on the C drive. So, my problem is that at home I can set the preferences for my sketch library to my portable hard drive. But, at school, Arduino can't see the preferences file (which is of course still on my home computer.)

Is there any way, or should there be a way to have the preferences file in the same directory as the arduino program?

I spent a lot of time working on a sketch at school, and when I got home I expected to find it on my portable drive. It wasn't, and the school drive gets erased when I log out, so my work is gone.

Other than that, the Arduino is great,

Thanks in advance for an answer,


If you open the file from your portable drive to start with, and then save, doesn't it save back to the portable drive?

You can save your preferences.txt file in your IDE folder by doing the following . . .

Edit the preferences.txt - [u]the one in the "lib" folder[/u] - under the IDE install. Remove the comment mark before "settings.path=data". i.e.

# if you don't want settings to go into "application data" on windows
# and "library" on macosx, set this to the alternate location.

This will put your user preferences.txt in the "data" folder in the IDE. (You may have to make the "data" folder and copy a preferences.txt into it.)

Thanks, that was exactly what I needed to know.