There is a potential to excel at crash-and-burn in the IDE settings file, preferences.txt. There are TWO of them, one concerning the Processing language that you are cautioned NOT to modify, the other in the User path by the same name you are cautioned not to modify while the IDE is running, containing some tweaks to the look-and-feel. This is where it gets sticky. You can specify the number of lines in the console, the default being 4, in this file. That value is ALSO in the Processing language config file. In fact, several values are duplicated.

Now, 4 lines just wasn't really enough to look at compiler warnings while weeding out syntax errors in large projects, but changing it does not appear to have much effect. What was even more frustrating was that invoking the IDE a second time (having two copies running concurrently), caused the number of console lines to shrink.

Anyone else notice this?

Which IDE version?

robtillaart: Which IDE version?

This definitely was a problem prior to 1.6.7. I did some testing a little while ago and couldn't change the console area at all, so it's still an issue, only different. The separator bar stolidly remains the same width no matter what I set it to, as does the console. It's changed. Before, I could alter it in the original IDE, but calling a second copy of the IDE from within the IDE looked up the values from (probably) the ones set in Processing. Before I posted this, I altered the value for console in 1.6.7 all over the map to no avail.