Prepaid energy meter

Hi everybody. Iam trying to do a project called prepaid energy meter. A gsm module is used to transfer the data from the ardunio (mter readings) to a distant computer. Then I need to upload to a webserver. How can I process data from the gsm module that is how can I upload to server from the computer automatically. Anyone please helpme out. How can I upload data from a gsm module to a webserver?


Have you got any part of it working at the moment?

I can't figure from your Original Post exactly what you want help with. If it is the question of using the distant computer to upload data to a web-server then that is not an Arduino problem.

Google is the 2nd most important tool for a programmer - after his brain.


He will be bewildered as to the actual question he is asking.


PHP, POST data, mySQL.