Preparation and how to connect to nRF52382 - consume ANT+ sensors

Hi Folks,

first, I must apologise for my perhaps trivial questions. I am still relatively new to the world of microcontrollers.
I have already built a few sketches with various sensors and know the basic elements, but here I am reaching my limits.

What I want to achieve:
I would like to control a fan depending on heart rate, (virtual) speed and temperature.
The fan is controlled with an AC dimmer; the connected Arduino is controlled via RF-433Mhz. (works already).

On the transmitter side, I want to calculate the power level from ANT+ information and temperature and send it to the dimmer.
(As I said, the transmission and temperature sensor are already working.)

What hardware I have:

  • different Boards (UNO, Leonardo, ...)
  • Nordic nRF-52DK and Sparkfun nRF82382 breakout
  • Sensors

What i got from thisisant:

  • SoftDevice S212, S312, S313, S332
  • Network Key (ANT+)

The problem:
I'm a bit confused about the information I'm getting together on this.
I have come across the ant-arduino and antplus-arduino libraries, but I am not getting anywhere.
As I understand, the lib establishes a serial connection to the nRF52.
I know that the nRF52-DK is more or less fully Arduino-compatible and can be used out-of-the-box as an arduino board. However, it only has one serial port. Consequently, print outputs are not possible. I got the built-in JLINK debugger to work in PlatformIO, but it's too complex for me for now.
Therefore, I would like to connect a Leonardo to either the DK or the Sparkfun to use Serial and Serial1.
Unfortunately, my rudimentary knowledge of how to connect two boards via serial has not yet led to success. Is this possible at all?

I have also tried SEGGER etc., as recommended by Nordic, but that is too complex for me for now and want to stay at Arduino for now.

My questions:

  1. is the setup described possible at all?
  2. do I have to flash the SoftDevice and which one do I have to use? - How do I do this with the respective boards (nRF-52-DK and Sparkfun nRF52382 Breakout)?
  3. How do I wire the boards (nRF-52-DK and Sparkfun nRF52382 Breakout) to a Leonardo?
  4. have I forgotten a question?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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