Presentation, and. I Want to but a book, please help.


I'm Lito from Spain. I'm a Senior Software Developer and employee of this academic title in my Country, living this dream of rol, since i was a child, in Accenture Spain Company.

By other hand, only for enjoy myself, I'm developer in all the lenguajes, master in nothing, medium user in all, advanced using Google, and master spending lamps and Coffe.

Maybe Java and Android APPs, are my best pasion. Some, php, javascript, unix, mark languajes, c, and now! Arduino code.

My current proyect borns when i buy a Raspberry, now a new wordl is opened over my eyes.

This time, i'm preparing an Arduino board reading a dth11 sensor, and starting or powering off my home heating.
Its should to send using wifi, to a Java Socket the info readed, and working over the ack.

RasPi, are getting log, times, alarms with raspberry. All of these things must to be showed in a web using ajax. Raspberry shares this on internet using noIP, and a web with XAMPP.

Several things all working now with other utilities, torrent managging, and private multimedia server in all the world, only for my private use, obviously. CPU temp over control using a service and turning on/off the fan. I know that is a litthe pieces of nothing, but the next step. I want to create a mini robot, that sends the video to a mobile Phone, and can be inserted between the debris, i know that in pieces can be streamly cheap, i'm completly sure. But nobody makes it's in a company to produce it.

I'm going need a lot of hours off code, but i havent hurry.

When i have all the parts working propertly of my current proyect, i hope to publish with documentation and throw my little peace of magic.

Best wises

What is the best book of Arduino to buy in Amazon Spain??????


The forum has a Spanish section - you don’t need to rely on Google Translate.

Very nice, productive and polite your repply. Thanks a lot for it.
Again best regards.

I'thing in my mind, without traslator that you are kidding me.
Spanish i completly sure that is a litte comunitty.