Preset loader for guitar effects (iGTR)

Hello People!

I am wondering to build a preset loader for my iGTR.
iGTR is just a small box that I can plug my guitar and earphone. It emulates amplifiers and pedal boards without driving my neighbors crazy.
To configure all the effects I have three potentiometers and three switches.

Ok so far, now my challenge:
To build some arduino that works as a preset loader. So I will have two buttons (preset up and preset down) and when I hit them they will send the configuration to iGTR about the values to use in the potentiometers and switches.

Could you please help me to build that?

Until now I am intended to use digital potentiometer to put in the place of regular one.
I don´t know if I could be clear in my text so I will try to draw… Other hand I am putting links below to iGTR. (iGTR Site) (iGTR Manual)

Thanks in advance to everyone that spend some time toa t least read it.

Best regards,

I was looking for solutions and found LDR.
Could I remove the pots from iGTR and put LDRs on it?
This way Arduino was responsible just to control the LED that will control the LDR?
The switches I think I will use SSD Relay... What do you think?

I think it would not work. LDRs are very logarithmic and don't lend themselves to this sort of thing. I would stick with the digital pot idea.

Thank you for your help!
I will stick with digital pot…
And what about ssd relay? Is it the best option?

And what about ssd relay?

Do you mean a SSR (solid state relay), if so then no these are no use to you. Most of them are AC only and the few that are DC are very expensive because they handle much more current than you need.
Go with either an analogue switch a 4066 or with an opto coupled transistor or better yet an opto coupled FET.