presoldered easy vr - urgent

could one of you please let me know if we have a pre-spldered easy vr shield available anywhere???

co i have tried the header pin soldering for this past 3 days and its still not working

Why are you asking us? Contact the manufacturer! They have contact info, and at the price they charge for those, they’d better be reading their email.

IME, the easyvr devices just plain suck. Voice recognition is utterly miserable compared to Siri, Alexa, etc - all
those services can only do the recognition of the wake word on the device - after it wakes, it records the audio, then ships it off to the company’s servers.

Soldering pin header is not hard - you limit yourself to a very small selection of parts if you can’t solder pin header (it’s pretty much the easiest soldering task). If you are having trouble, you’re making a rookie mistake - post a photograph of your soldering attempts we can tell you what you’re doing wrong