Press button - call url


I am new to the Arduino world. I have a reasonable understanding of web and database server programming, no experience in the microprocessor world.

I want to build a setup with the following interface and functionality: a. Hardware front end will be a button (like a bell switch) b. When pressed, the system should make a http request through a wifi connection to a designated url with the parameter being a specific id.

My questions are as follows: a. What Arduino board / kit do I work with? b. How do I go about programming this requirement?

Thanks Narayanan

a. Any Arduino with a Wi-Fi interface. b. Simply look at the examples that accompany the Wi-Fi shield, it is a standard thing to want to do.

I would recommend one of the ESP8266 modules - readily available for cheap on EBAY. Wifi built in and onboard voltage regulator so easy options for powering.

Plenty of examples of people using them for buttons etc on the Net.