Pressing a button on a unit without a relay

this is just a random stab in the dark and sure it's not possible at all but looking for thoughts.

i have a usb powered KVM that i want to be able to control remotely without having to press the button on the top of it as it's hidden away.

i know i could do the arduino code to just have a pin go high to simulate the press across the button, but i would need to be connected to ground on the arduino for this to circuit.

so if i was to run the arduino from a power source, take the 5v and the gnd from the arduino then have a pin from the arduino to the cold side of the switch. whats the chances of this working.. yes possibly or get your coat.

i know the other option would be a relay and then just switch that to simulate a button press but i dont have any solid state relays etc and just trying to get away from buying something if i can help it.

or any other ideas would be great.


What you 'know' is wrong. Get a meter, measure what crosses the button, then you will have useful information.

There's really no point, if you're worried about money, you could get one on eBay for less than a dollar. If you worried about time and want it quick, you can get it on Amazon in 2 days if you have prime and even then it's still like $6. A relay is the best option

In most cases of pushing a small button, relay is not the 'best option' when an optocoupler is a much more elegant solution.

Hi, What is a KVM?

"Kernel-based Virtual Machine (KVM)"

Tom.. :o :o :o

TomGeorge: What is a KVM?

I'm guessing he means KVM switch

I think what you need is the CD4066


and this: