Pressure control: 0-15bar


I am currently working on my bachelor project and I might have been a bit overly ambitious. I am trying to make an automatic circuit for testing the integrity of sterile filters.
In order to do that I need to find a way to regulate the air pressure from my source (which is 4.8bar) so that it increases gradually. I also need to increase the pressure to 10-15bar and release it after I do measurements I need.
After looking at few posts about projects with controlled air pressure I think I could use some magnetic valves, pressure sensors and an air compressor. The main issue is those projects used significantly lower pressure values so I don't know if that would work for me.

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I should also mention that I am trying to make increase the pressure faster than I would do it by twisting a tap on a regular pressure regulator.

Controlled 4.8 bar rise:
With simple parts you could have a pre-chamber (I assume the filter and plumbing has little volumetric capacity). Feed that pre-chamber with air from a small orifice. This would require a relatively common air valve. Perhaps you could have two valves each with a different orifice for better speed control.

10 - 15 bar:
This is a lot of pressure, can be hazardous if something fails.
Without a high pressure compressor you could use two air actuators (pistons) each with different diameters (about 3:1 would be my guess).

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Google I to P converter for electronic pressure controllers.
If you have significant volumes you need to take advice - high pressures in containers is hazardous .

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