Pressure Measurment troble

Hello, I'm new on Arduino and have to make a project for school and I'm not understanding what I'm doing wrong.
I have a MPX10DP (pressure sensor) conected to an Arduino UNO, however it always gives me the same result, i know i have to calibrate the sensor yet, however I dont think that this is the cause of this error...
My code is yet far from something good (I have a long way to go) what can i do?

Ask Your teacher. Show him/her the wiring and the code.

We can’t see your code
Help is therefore…difficult.

Yes, ask Your family.

That sensor has a full scale output of only 55 mV (an ADC value of 11 out of 1023 max) at 10 kPa (1.45 PSI), you would need to amplify that by a factor of at least 30 ~ 50 to make it usable on an Arduino.
Post your code and a wiring diagram.

Need to add an op amp to get that mV output up to 5 volts.

Better question might be

"Is there a simple op amp module i can get to make a 10mV signal 5 volts?"

Why 5V?
Get it to around a Volt, and use the internal reference.

I'm sorry for not awnsering the questions.
I thougth on buying the INA125 (opamp) for getting this mV to V however I'm getting confused if this will interfeer with the results of pressure. Will this help?

A typical OpAmp, when wired correctly and used within it's operational limits, will give a highly linear amplification of the signal. So it will not mess with your measurements.

I'm not familiar with the part you selected. Why did you pick it?

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