Pressure Sensor, Arduino Micro, and LED (please help!)

Hey everyone!

I’m an aerospace engineering student with no experience at all with arduino coding or circuit design. I have, however, read a lot of specs and watched a lot of tutorials.

The project I’m working on wants to take output data from a pressure sensor into an arduino micro and turn on an LED anytime the pressure is BELOW a certain threshold (this is just the first phase of a project that will ultimately replace the LED with a piezoelectric actuator to fire a very small synthetic jet).

I’d greatly appreciate any guidance at all. In particular, I’m looking for tips on project feasibility, links to useful tutorials for this project, hardware suggestions for the sensor (should be small) and LED, and tips on writing the arduino script for this project.

I know there are a lot of novice questions here. Sorry about that. Thanks in advance for the help!

Which sensor you are using for interfacing.. give more detail on the sensor you are using if ur not sure.. Here's one sensor u can interface with SPI interface. Shorted Wire: MPL BAROMETER SENSOR DESIGN WITH SDI INTERFACE #6

this is the sensor I have on hand, but it isn't set in stone.

Hey MrWednesday,

I have a similar project I'm working on and was wondering if you had any insight. Did you complete your project? What were the results? What sensor did you ultimately use?