Pressure sensor code for ABP honeywell sensor

I am trying to read pressure from ABP honwywell sensor. Could anyone help me with it?

The link for the datasheet is :

Honeywell's page about the ABP series sensors : Basic ABP Series Pressure Sensors | Honeywell

On that page is also "Additional Resources" which requires to log in. What kind of hidden information would that be ?

They could be compatible with the other series :
After reading a few documents, I think they are more or less compatible.
Did you look at the source code of that library ? It is at: Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting..
I spotted the wrong use of the Wire library in that code :frowning:

I could not find Arduino code for the Honeywell ABP series sensors.
That means you have to write your own library.
But with quick glance at the Honeywell site, I could not even find example code (for Arduino or other microcontroller) how to use the sensors.

At they sell sensors together with libraries an are very open and give all the information. Also other sellers show the schematic that they build, give source code, and have a forum to ask questions, for example
If you want to make a project, you better look at those first. They have both worldwide distribution for their products.


I have gone to the honeywell additional information page but that says it does not grant access to other than marketing/sales representative.
I have seen the source code.

Is there any other way to code or read the pressure from this sensor.

Also, how do we create a library for this sensor?
I found this link online :Arduino - LibraryTutorial
but could someone explain in detail.

I also checked adafruit and mouser. None of them had the proper sensor. :confused:

Thank you

Should I try using the code with the SSC library?

Are there any things which need to be changed?

Thank you.

You can copy the code from the library into your own project (without using or creating a library). There is a drop-down menu in the upper-right corder of the Arduino IDE. You can create a *.cpp and *.h file and copy the code into those files.

You might have to change the code in the example. Select either the < > or the " " version to include the *.h file.

// including a library with < >
#include <SSC.h>

// including a file from your own project with " "
#include "SSC.h"

I am not helping to write the code, because I don’t have such a sensor. I could not find the explanation of the sensor registers, so I don’t have any clue at all what to do with the data from the sensor.

Are you sure you want to continue with this sensor ? Can you get (or pay for) help ?

Use: #include "SSC.h"
You could zip the whole project and attach it, so I can try to compile it.
Do you know where your projects are ?
File / Preferences / Sketchbook location


I tried using #include "SSC.h". It says compiling and doesnt show any result. I have attached the zip folder. Can you please try and let me know.

I ment copying the *.cpp and *.h file from the library into your project.
See the attached project.

Try the i2c_scanner to find the i2c address :
See if that address matches the address in the code. (3.5 KB)


The I2c address is 0x28. I tried compiling it. It worked. Thanks a lot for being patient and helping me out. I really appreciate your help. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

You get numbers out of the sensor :o That is more than I expected.


I uploaded the code. and tried to give input to the sensor .
but the serial monitor does not show anything. ::slight_smile: :slightly_frowning_face:

I will try it again.

Check the baudrate. They must be the same.

Look in the code for Serial.begin().


Set either Serial.begin to 9600 or set the serial monitor to 115200.

I did that.

The problem was with with the bread board connections. I corrected them now. :sweat_smile:
It now shows some values.

Thank you so much. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Are you using pull up resistors for the I2C connections? Powering w 5V or 3.3V?



I am using pull ups for the I2C connections. I am powering a 3.3 V.