Pressure Sensor -> Controler -> Android Device


I would like to build a mat that goes under the carpet with the same Principle shown in the Video

quick: conductive layer A + Velostat + Conductive layer B = Velostat resistance decreases under pressure = pressure less resistance between A and B
Now I need a simple way to get this resistance data to my Android Device.
The simpler I can keep the "Middle part" the better it is for my Project.
Maybe the USB port of an Android device is capable doing this work?

This is a Project I'm working on, and I'm fairly new on the topic of electronics and I would be very thankful for detailed assistance on this.



this video is a part of this great job:

and I strongly suggest you to read all her work there. Also check github. In instructables there is a nice 4x4 pad tutorial with code included, very nice.