Pressure sensor daisy chain question.

I am working on a project that requires multiple pressure sensors to be chained together on one arduino and each will be inserted into a small closure to test the pressure within the enclosure. I am considering using the BMP388, as it says it senses absolute pressure and can work with SPI, however, all projects using this sensor describe it as a weather sensor, and I wanted to verify that it could be used to sense pressure within a pressurized enclosure before I buy it. Any ideas? If any other sensors that would be good for this project come to mind that would be great too!

Of course it will work in an enclosed environment, provided the pressure/temperature/humidity/gas type/etc is within its operating limits. For details, see data sheet.

Range is Pressure: 300... 1250 hPa
It's all in the data sheet as mentioned. Depends on the range you want?


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