Pressure Sensor - designing sleep mode


For a university assignment myself and a few other Arduino noobs are hoping to design a sleep mode for a handheld device. Our idea: pressure sensors underneath a hand grip are stimulated when the device is held in the hand, but when it is placed down the sensors receive no input, and after a period (say 3 seconds), the device enters sleep mode.

The system is then woken up when the sensors are stimulated again -so when it is picked up. The device is also to include LEDs for battery level indication and haptic feedback that are not directly related to this sleep mode.

Is this feasible? And if so could I please request any input about its best implementation? Books on Arduino suggest this is possible, and I know the general coding of a sleep mode, it's just the linking to pressure sensors that's still a bit hazy.

Thanks for any help! :)

So after some more research, it seems an insulated foil capacitive sensor would be ideal for the pressure sensing, if this helps.